Hallo Visitor

I hope you like my music and I would be delighted if you would visit me on the YouTube page. You can poke around there and see a few tidbits in the playlists. I've got a whole lot of musical treats, especially in the area: compiled piano, jazz, easy listening and romance.
If you want, you can subscribe to me on YouTube too, but you need to register with YouTube.
Musicians who want to contact me and love music of ​​piano and soundtracks & studiorecords are always welcome.

My musical Influence are

David Foster, Giovanni Allevi, Yiruma, David Benoit, Brian Culbertson, Alan Silvestri, Ryuichi Sakamoto,, Keith Jarrett, Jim Brinkman, Chopin, Brahms, Grieg, Beethoven

and specially my Teacher Laszlo Szelenyi & Dr. Jürgen Ehlers

Create compositions for

Video presentations, travel videos, comercial, underpainting of DIA presentations in formats, MP3 and Wav.

customized music

for which occasion and purpose whatsoever, is complex and expensive. Is it just a background music for an event or a show, then we have not only the question of the choice of music. Who, for example on YouTube uploaded a song that does not belong to him, violates a copyright, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. The music industry is tough and rigorous. Since it makes no exceptions. Here I come into play. A good long-term investment is the use of your own music. Without violating a right and a copyright violation to give a reason for action. Contact me and talk to me about your needs and ideas customized Music